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Facilitating a usability test

At the City of Austin’s Office of Design and Delivery we are dedicated to prioritizing residents needs. We do this by engaging with residents and the city staff who provide services.

We are currently in the middle of re-designing the City of Austin website and its content management system. This project has made it necessary to evaluate how we might allow content managers to easily create content that Austin’s residents need while setting up guardrails to ensure that the content is accessible and is easily recognized as official.


This project began with a handful of service design engagements that revolved…

In March I gave a lightening talk at the inaugural AIGA GROW conference in Austin, TX. GROW is aimed to support emerging and junior designers of all disciplines.

When I was given the opportunity to speak I knew I should share my story of how contributing to open source helped me become a better designer. This is form of that talk that I gave adapted for you reading pleasure.

I have always been passionate about community and creative problem solving. …

The Problem

Austin Community College (ACC) students rely on the ACC Library website to fulfill requirements to graduate. But because the navigation is confusing and the homepage is full of lists and links, students have a hard time finding the right resources and feel overwhelmed while using the website.

The Solution

We used a research heavy approach to understand the users needs and define the most common pain points they experienced while using the library website. …

During my Outreachy internship at Mozilla I spent 3 months working on Iris, a quality assurance testing tool. My role on Iris was to re-design the user interface and experience with a focus on maximizing Iris’ usefulness.

I began my internship knowing nothing about software testing. I have been a practicing artist for over a decade. 2 years ago I began studying User Experience Design part-time while also facilitating design thinking practices at my neighborhood elementary school. …

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Iris is a brand-new Mozilla project that will be used to automate testing of Firefox. It is scheduled to be released in a 1.0 version in November 2018. It is a project mostly built in Python, with a web interface in React.

This project is in its infancy, and the web interface employs basic functionality. However, it is in need of a design and user experience sensibility to truly maximize its usefulness.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone who would enjoy improving an existing interface, using their creativity, and working with a motivated team.

I recommend you read over…

In early December, I began an Outreachy Internship at Mozilla working on the User Experience and Interface of Iris. Iris is a newly released test suite that automates user interaction and uses bitmap detection to assure the quality of a given product.

Quality assurance is the process of verifying whether a product meets required specifications and customer expectations.¹ This testing is necessary to prevent accidentally breaking core features of a product with new releases.

Iris has the ability to automate manual testing by driving the mouse and keyboard. Manual tests can be tedious and time consuming because they require user…

I have always liked to do things the right way. I can totally solve problems with the right amount of time and resources, but logic tells me that experts have developed frameworks & guidelines to make life easier for the rest of us. Through skillfully developed guidelines, we can work faster and prevent unforeseen problems.

About a month ago, I started a UX internship at Mozilla. The internship revolves around a problem:

Iris is a brand-new Mozilla project that will be used to automate testing of Firefox. It is scheduled to be released in a 1.0 version in November 2018…

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Supporting Diversity in Free & Open Source Software

On Tuesday I began a 3-month Outreachy Internship at Mozilla. I’m working on Iris, a new testing tool for Firefox and will be designing the User Experience and Interface of the product. This is a huge opportunity to showcase my work and learn new skills.

Let me walk you through my Outreachy application process.

I planned my life around it.

Yes, that may sound melodramatic, but let me explain. I discovered Outreachy towards the end of their previous application cycle. I really wanted to apply then, but didn’t have enough time to put in the work required for a successful…

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