Improving the search for affordable housing — Fine tune & deliver

Home and search page before (left) and after (right).

Conduct heuristic analysis and deliver quick wins

I started with a heuristic analysis on the current tool interface.

Design and facilitate usability tests

In order to effectively design the usability test I needed to learn more about the process requirements to get housing vouchers through Housing and Urban Development. To do this I met with directors, sat through orientation workshops, and observed in the client waiting room at the Housing Authority of Austin.

Testing with housing voucher holders at the Housing Authority of Austin.

Synthesize collected data

After facilitation I worked with my user research coordinator to synthesize findings. We focused on what was essential to deliver in this first release and then set the team up for implementing the post launch features that would make the tool really useful.

Re-design the home/search page

After the findings I made interface changes that were necessary. At this point we decided that the most important I also polished up the look of the

Next steps

  1. Many voucher holders rely on the help of case workers to search for housing. In order to make sure that this tool is truly useful, we will facilitate usability tests with them.
  2. Make changes to the format that the search results are presented to make the data more easy to scan.
  3. Design post launch features like property sharing/saving and wait-list styling.
  4. Work side by side with the developer to help them implement changes.


Improved the search form.





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