5 Murder Trials That Only 90’s Kids Will Remember

Admit it, the 90’s were the best. After school, I would rush home to watch 90’s Nickelodeon. NSYNC dominated the airwaves and every boy had a Michael Jordan poster in their room. Even in 1999, we were still 2 whole years away from September 2001, the month of the most horrific tragedy in American history (the release of Rush Hour 2.)

It’s never a bad time for a little 90’s nostalgia. Lists have already been made about the best music, movies and TV show’s from the decade, so let’s focus on a forgotten pop culture milestone; the best murder trials of the 90’s. Here they are, ranked by their nostalgia level.

Also known as the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh was a fixture of our childhoods. Every kid in 5th grade had a Timothy McVeigh t-shirt that glowed in the dark. We’ll always cherish the memories of watching the trial on television while cuddling with our Furby’s and listening to TLC.

MOST 90’S MOMENT: A known Friends fan, Tim showed up to the courtroom rocking the Rachel haircut.

When these 2 brothers were accused of killing their parents, every 90’s kid could relate. Parents are always making you do homework when you just wanna watch Full House. As the Fresh Prince once said, parents just don’t understand. The most iconic siblings of the 90’s, a male version of Mary Kate and Ashley.

MOST 90’S MOMENT: The jury was the entire cast of All That.

This notorious mobster was charged with 5 murders and he was a day one Britney fan. He allegedly went on a crime spree out of anger after Cory and Topanga broke up on Boy Meets World, doesn’t he know they always get back together?

MOST 90’S MOMENT: His lawyer’s closing statement was just the lyrics to Wannabe by Spice Girls.

To this very day, no one knows who killed her. Jonbenet had a poster of Justin Timberlake in her room, back when he had those frosted tips. Remember that haircut?! It looks so silly now. 😂

MOST 90’S MOMENT: The legal ordeal that her parents went through after being accused of murder was the inspiration for the classic Lindsay Lohan film The Parent Trap.

Who could forget the king? The Juice 😎. The famous glove that OJ wore became a huge fashion trend in every school. You weren’t one of the cool kids until you wore a neon windbreaker and a bloody OJ glove. In middle school, I went to dozens of OJ themed Bar Mitvah’s.

MOST 90’S MOMENT: For his closing statement, Johnny Cochran threw a Beanie Baby at the judge.