Sahir P
Sahir P
Apr 1, 2018 · 2 min read

First and fore-most, Mainframe made me do something which no one else in the world has made be able to do, not even my Teacher!! That is to write a blog article, okay, that is still manageable but, to also, PAINT and be CREATIVE! Never would I have imagined that. Kudos to Mainframe!!!

Mainframe is a project that is going to change the future of a lot of businesses. Recently a lot of data has been leaked through the internet and has ruined the lives of many people. This should not happen as every person/business in the world has a right to protect their communication details.

Mainframe appeals to me because it brings back to the people privacy and freedom, which is a fundamental right of everyone. I would love to use this app and protect all my conversations both in personal and professional life.

And here is something I created for Mainframe, because this means so much to me.

“Just like love unites the two of us, Mainframe unites Privacy and Freedom.”