Introduction of Aigarth

Jun 10, 2019 · 2 min read

The first trillionaire will be an artificial intelligence entrepreneur. The majority of people either agree or disagree with this prediction and only a small fraction sees the third option — the whole mankind being the beneficiary. Split 1 trillion U.S. dollars among roughly 10 billion people, this is $100 per person, not much for citizens of the developed countries but quite a lot for the others. And what is not less important, the AI belonging to noone/everyone could not be misused easily.

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Aigarth is a project aiming to make the third option come true. The name consists of two words, “AI” meaning “artificial intelligence” and “garth” meaning “yard” or “garden”, it sounds similar (with some stretch) to Asgard. The current plan is to create Aigarth on top of Qubic which is being developed by the IOTA Foundation on top of IOTA.

What will Aigarth look like? It will be software running on computers of people who want to give away spare computational power for finding solutions of AI-related tasks, something similar to SETI@home. If Alice wants to create an AI distinguishing cats from dogs she will be supposed to provide a fitness function to rank different solutions. Ordinary people will be running a special algorithm (which is an integral part of Aigarth) seeing in real-time how close their solution is to the perfect solution. All this being transparent to everyone. And everyone will be able to start from any point of progress of any other Aigarth participant thus continuing their work or attempting to go in another (potentially more promising) direction. Those who are familiar with Bitcoin mining can see a resemblance here, with the important difference of Aigarth “mining” being really useful. Who knows, maybe in the future people will start paying to those finding good solutions of Aigarth tasks, in the beginning we are relying on volunteers only though.

What is that special algorithm? It is an evolutionary algorithm combining Helix logic gates into a solution. The truth table of the gate can be found in Helix gate is functionally complete and reversible, its logic is simple — take 3 input values A, B, C and output them in the same order after rotating by A+B+C positions — this lets us hope that its physical implementation will be simple too. Experiments showed that usage of Helix gates significantly speeds-up convergence to an efficient solution comparing to a randomly chosen logic gate. Details of the algorithm will be explained in another article.

What is the timeline? Aigarth needs Qubic to be run at least on a testnet, once it is done we will be able to mark other milestones.

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