Noone knows what the final result of the Paracosm Project will be. I initiated it, invited different people to join its development and now trying to keep some distance to let the others shape the project. Nonetheless, some contours are already seen in the mist of future:

IOTA — the protocol allowing to embed paracosms into the very fabric of humans existence via the Internet-of-Things.

Ict (Iota Controlled agenT) — the software implementing the IOTA protocol and unlocking economic incentives which are supposed to bring millions of people into IOTA and create the transport level for the Paracosm Platform.

Qubic — the globally distributed computer running programs which cannot be stopped as long as there exist economic incentives to run them.

Jinn — the trinary general-purpose processor powering low-end IoT devices (which give access to paracosms) and high-end computational clusters (which compute the paracosms evolution).

Aigarth — the project allowing to create the artificial intelligence which will later populate paracosms.

Orbuculum — the engine computing signals which need to be sent to the sense organs to make paracosms look not less real than the real world.

On the 10th of October we are starting testing Ict on the Paracosm Community discord, this shouldn’t take more than 3 weeks. Then we are releasing Ict and starting the transition of the Paracosm Platform from the emulator to Ict, the process is planned to be finished by the end of this year. The timeline for the following steps is yet to be decided.

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