From lectures I´ve seen, watched, listened or heard about, I had to have this moment to share some of the experiences I´ve passed through so I could feel relieved and peaceful again.

I do not belong to specific religious denomination. I have researched a lot on Science, neuro science and all that jazz.

A couple of days ago some of my colleagues, friends and close relatives approached me telling they had a dream.

Most of them believe in God, but not necessarily present common beliefs or are under the same intensity of faith.

The funny thing is that I thought about them unconsciously hours before and prayed God would guide me on my future decisions. Some of them whatsapped me and I texted them back surprised by how lovely they were in leaving the message God sent me.

The thing is, I didn´t die (off course, otherwise I wouldn´t be here typing it), no terrific or terrifying tragedy or misery attacked me (at least not until this present moment).

However, I´ll tell you what, I´m not alone and every time I think about asking God anything, I rethink and rebuild my thoughts and needs because I am all sure he will reply me back.

This is a small piece of, such a fulfilling and amazing experience I had, and feel good sharing with you.

There is no way to peace — peace is the way. A.J. Must