August Product News

Products & Assets

We’ve reworked this completely. Now setup Products and all product detail once. Reuse the Product multiple times as an Asset. Each Asset can have it’s own serial number, maintenance record etc. Perfect for mass purchases of appliances and other unit fixtures or chattels.

Product details with photos & asset list


Now store photos. Drag & drop, main photo, multiple upload, immediately saved, assets, products, properties, units, listings.

You can add Property, Unit and custom listing photos

New Message Feature

The new message feature will store all tenant communication within Comet. No more lost or deleted emails. No loss of emails due to staff turnover. First phase now deployed. Send messages to your contact via the Contact ‘Messages’ tab.

All tenant communication in one place

Notes tab

Add notes to the Property, Unit, Lease, Contact.

Note screen has much more space now

New navigation bar

We’ve redesigned the navigation bar, comet actions & search.

New slimmer navbar leaves more space for your data
You can use navbar on tablets & mobiles too
Perform most common actions with just one click from the Comet Actions menu

MyComet service requests

‘MyComet’, the tenant portal, now supports the creation of a Service Request from both the Lease and Service Request menus.

Your tenants can create Service Requests in MyComet (tenant portal)

Other small enhancements and improvements

  • Add property purchase price
  • Property list icon to better identify multi unit and single unit properties
  • Redesigned account settings: new subscription, templates, products, accounting & users pages. These pages are now easier to use with dropdown menus for each row
  • By request we’ve added new flags for Kenya, UAE & Israel
  • Room “Include in rentable area” checkbox
  • Contact name prefix & suffix
  • Collapsable main menu
  • Search for your Contacts using email address

*** Remember we can add any language required — contact us.