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Heidi Krebs: Cablex Co-Owner & Director of Business Development

Heidi Krebs is an innovative entrepreneur who has mastered the manufacturing industry. Her diplomacy and confidence has ensured the success of her business Cablex, and has just won her the title of Employer of the Year at the Women in Industry’s 2015 Awards Ceremony. Heidi is co-owner and Director of Business Development at Cablex — Australia’s leading manufacturer of custom cables and harness assemblies. I had the pleasure of speaking to Heidi about her career and what she believes allowed her to climb to success!

1. Did you know what you wanted to do when you were in high school? Did you have any idea you would be heavily involved in the manufacturing industry?

Going to 14 different schools and leaving in year 10 made it difficult to be settled enough to know what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a businesswoman in my late teens just so I could wear great clothes, I certainly never imagined myself in manufacturing, despite my German father having his own stainless steel engineering business, it must be in the gene pool.

2. What did you study at university? Why?

I didn’t study at university, however I did complete my AICD Director course last year, a challenge considering I had never really studied, it was a totally new discipline for me and I loved it!

3. What motivated you to create Cablex?

I saw potential for the business when I walked through the doors in 1987, I didn’t know how or why, I said at the time to my business partner “I think we can build an empire”, maybe it was intuition maybe it was naivety but the mind is the most powerful tool we have.

4. What do you love most about your job?

Everything, the people, the strategy the challenges that work brings with it every day, it’s never boring.

5. What are your biggest work challenges?

My biggest work challenges are ensuring the consistency of work coming through the door, remaining competitive globally, being a service provider rather than selling an actual product.

6. You’ve just won Women in Industry’s Employer of the Year! In your opinion, what is it that you do day-to-day that makes you a great employer?Have you taken inspiration from fantastic employers that you’ve had in the past?

The last time I worked for someone else was in 1987, I figure the customers are the ones who employ me now and from them I have learnt a great deal. Inspiration comes in all forms not just what happens from a work perspective, I find inspiration in my kids, in travelling and I have a wonderful team (you may call it an entourage) from yoga instructors to my business advisor. The key is to listen, really listen.

7.What’s your advice for young women who are just starting out and are navigating their own career path?

I recently spoke at a “Women in Aviation” summit in Melbourne and my favourite line is “allow yourself the benefit of confidence”; believe in yourself, because it doesn’t matter how many goals you set and how many lists you write if you don’t have the confidence to believe in yourself you won’t succeed.

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