The topic of Astronism being called a space religion has already seen considerable debate offline amongst the growing worldwide Astronist community. Currently, the designation “astronomical religion” is preferred and is more frequently invoked by the Astronist Institution, but is the designation “space religion” also a viable descriptor for the Astronist religion?

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Cometan discusses whether Astronism’s designation as a space religion is accurate. Free-to-use image Photo credit: ColiN00B

First things first, let’s clarify definitions and distinctions. The phrases “space religion” and “astronomical religion” are fairly synonymous, but not entirely. An astronomical religion denotes a religion in which, and you guessed it, astronomical observation is a central component as a means of engaging with the religion. …


Cometan 🪐🔭

British Astronic philosopher, astronomer, and Founder of Astronism. Research interests: freedom of religion, astronomical religion, the origins of religion.

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