Say goodbye to managing multiple tokens when using blockchain applications. Comet’s groundbreaking new feature, Fee Abstraction, lets users pay transaction fees in any token they hold.

Most blockchains require a specific token for paying transaction fees, often referred to as a gas token. Additionally, many decentralized applications use a separate token to interact with their smart contracts. While both of these tokens are necessary to support secure protocols, it creates a complicated experience for the user as they are now forced to manage multiple assets just to interact with a single application. To solve this, we use fee abstraction.

Fee abstraction is the concept of allowing users to pay transaction fees in any token they hold.

With Totient Lab’s VIP-191 now active on Vechain’s mainnet, a…

CometVerse is a decentralized avatar and chat platform for the Vechain dApp ecosystem. Integrated with Comet wallets, CometVerse allows users to collect and trade cosmetic items to personalize their avatars!

Visit to create your Comet Avatar!

With over 1000 Comet Avatars and counting, adding support for them in your dApp is a great way to attract new users. The best part, it only requires 1 line of code to seamlessly integrate them!

<img src="<address>/mini.svg" alt="comet-avatar" />

Let users jump right into the world of decentralized applications by hiding the complexities of the blockchain.

Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash

Into the CometVerse

Last week we announced the mainnet release of CometVerse, an NFT-based dApp that showcases the Comet web3 provider and innovative features of the Vechain blockchain.

See it live at

Made Possible with Vechain

Vechain is an EVM-based, Proof-of-Authority blockchain that launched in 2018. In addition to being generally Ethereum and web3 compatible, Vechain adds several meta-transaction features natively to its core protocol.

Meta-transactions are a class of transactions that implement additional logic, allowing dApps to abstract away many of the complexities of the blockchain. …

The #1 web3 browsing experience for the VeChainThor blockchain has arrived.

Comet is a wallet for your web browser that enables you to run dApps on the VeChainThor blockchain.

We are delighted to announce that the Comet browser extension is now available to everyone! Comet can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Click here to get Comet!

NOTE: While Comet is still in beta we recommend connecting to testnet or a local node.

What’s Next for Comet?

Over the coming months, Comet will receive many updates and improvements. Some of these updates include, but are not limited to:

  • Support for Connex.
  • An extensionless option that lets users run dApps on mobile.
  • Verified dApp program for improved user experience.
  • Integration with Veforge…


Your browser-wallet for the world of decentralized applications!

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