Enumerables: A (Complete) Beginner’s Guide

array.enumerable_method{|thing| thing.method}


nps = [“Zion”, “Glacier”, “Shenandoah”, “Great Smoky Mountains”, “Bryce Canyon”, “Grand Teton”, “Hot Springs”, “Joshua Tree”, “Grand Canyon”, “Rocky Mountain”]
nps.each{|park| puts "#{park} is beautiful!"}
Results of calling .each on the nps array


nps.map{|park| park.downcase}
.map allows us to modify our array.


nps.select{|park| park.length == 11}
.select allows us to filter values in an array.


nps.find{|park| park.length == 11}
.find will only return one value.


nps.count{|park| park.start_with? “G”}
.count… well counts.

.sort and .sort_by

.sort will put the array in alphabetical order. .reverse will reverse that.
nps.sort_by{|park| park.length}
Now all of my Parks are sorted from shortest to longest!



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