Dear World, Have no Fear; Islam is a Beautiful Religion
Ezinne Ukoha

Interesting and beautifully written ) especially liked how You talk about the love for the Almighty, who loves You and all, irrespective of their nationality, religion, colour and so on, and that God knows about suffering and all the abominations of which we (all men) performed daily, openly or when we were supposedly nobody sees (although all in the soul understands that the one who created this world — sees everything and knows everything).

I, too, was a Christian. I lived in Moscow. 7 years ago, returned to Islam and I can safely say everyone who has ever thought for a moment — maybe I should also embrace Islam?

Yes! worth it! just admit in your heart that a Single the Almighty Creator of this world and Muhammad is His Messenger. (like other Prophets and Messengers, Adam, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus)

with the utterance of this testimony aloud, or at least in the heart one becomes Muslim! He is forgiven of all previous sins, he becomes pure as a baby begins life with a clean slate. It’s worth it! Even if nobody knows it except You and God — enough!

The most surprising thing I found in Islam is the answer to everything, absolutely everything matters, even the most strange, confusing — must be a reasonable answer that fits in with the overall semantic picture of the world, and there is no contradiction. The main thing — to find those who know Almighty God and is able to give a full answer as it was handed to us by the Almighty through his Messengers. Such people of course units all over the world! But praise be to God they are. They are just like the Prophets and Messengers is a very modest, devout, bright people who currently do not say never that they are. They are very not easy to find and to distinguish from ordinary people because of their modesty. I was fortunate to meet and see these people, thank God. If anyone is interested don’t hesitate to ask I will drop videos, and their books. You will feel in your heart how these people are different from anyone You have ever met in life or on the Internet.