Why is an audit important for Solana projects?

0xGuard is here to offer an ideal solution —
a professional Solana audit. We know and understand all the intricacies of Solana.

More projects

Due to Solana’s advantages, many projects choose it as a potentially successful blockchain. This results in its popularity and a growing number of new Solana-based projects.

New languages

Most smart contracts are written in Solidity language. Solana uses С and Rust languages. Being a new territory for many developers, these contracts are likely to contain errors.

Hacker attacks

Any successful project is a likely target for attacks. But it’s the novelty of Solana that makes new projects the desired bounty for hackers.

We love Solana 💜

With over 400 DeFi, NFT, and Web3 projects running, Solana is quickly taking over the crypto world. Solana offers a new, forward-looking approach to blockchain, and with that, is bound to attract plenty of attentio



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