The comic book artist

How to be a Comic book artist
First I have worked assisting an artist for Marvel and DC and know what it takes and on how and what is needed to become good enough artist to get a job at the two biggest companies in the world for a comic book artist.
The stories are written exactly like a script of a movie, so if you want to download some random scripts you will notice that it describes the scenes in detail what the writer wants to see in every sense ,that is what a comic book is like but the difference is you the artist is creating the writers vision with a pencil instead of a camera.
The writer will tell you what they want in each panel. if he wants a close up thats what you have to do, a long shot ,down shot and so on.
Don’t make things up and always use reference do what he or she wants.
Learn what camera angles are and what they mean. learn another very important part anatomy, perspective ,and gesture meaning learn how to move the figure and do it right also put buildings where the belong ,if you bring them pinups forget it, they don’t need to see that. leave it home.
Anyone who wants to be a comic book artist neds to do pages learn the art don’t just think you have it made, remeber if your friends say they think you can draw great ,they said the same thing to me. all friends and family don’t know what it takes and don’t know how to draw, so of course you’er the best artist they know.
Practice,practice,practice a true artist is continually learning and getting better.
If think you don’t need to get better or learn anymore than you better be able to prove it, also that’s a bad attitude you have to be humble and let others help you get better.
The best thing to do is work with an artist and watch and learn, you can do it.