Data Loss Statistics Every Business Should Know

A simple backup recovery can range from flat-out expensive to a possible business bankruptcy. Learn these must-know statistics and update your backup files now.

The world has been gradually shifting from hard-copy files into electronic based data. From pictures to videos to business proposals — no longer do we require their physical presence all the time. The word “tangible” has redefined itself from can-touch and see to an essentially virtual experience.

As we develop better convenience, the probability of data loss has grown riskier as well. This is the harsh and cold reality of taking technology for granted. Most of us already knew the threats, but still neglect to consider a backup recovery system.

Unconvinced with the massive impact a data breach or loss can affect your businesses?

Here are 7 Real Life Statistics about the Relevance of Data Loss to consider

How can we avoid these prevalent tragedies which holds potential threat to your business and life?

Understand that data can be lost due to hard drive errors, viruses, theft, or any other environmental occurrence that can malfunction your computer into a complete shutdown. Data loss can wipe out your important files and documents and even your entire system regardless if it has been backed up or not.

And this is where the importance of an IT Service Provider comes in.

A simple drive backup recovery can cost an estimated $7,500 upwards– without any success guaranteed!

But if your system is insured with a regular provider to constantly monitor and check your integration for any possible threats, the risk for data loss will conclusively be minimized.

An IT maintenance/proactive support such as IT backup and disaster recovery with good preplanning can mitigate all possible data loss issues before occurrence thus ensures business continuity.

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