Natural Light In Dental And Medical Fitout Design

We have recently been installing a high number of glass partitions and sliding doors in our dental surgery fitouts in our quest for the perfect practice design.

We have a desire for maximum natural light spread evenly throughout the surgery. We can achieve this, alongside privacy, by using glass in many areas coupled with digital graphics to enhance the design and ensure privacy.

Getting light to cross corridors is a particular challenge that can be achieved with this method. If we can move the light across the corridor, we can make the whole surgery feel bigger and brighter.

We tend to use full height (usually 2,700mm) doors with high quality German concealed sliding mechanisms. Do not compromise on quality in this area. The difference between a quality runner and a lower quality alternative is enormous immediately and into the future.

In all our designs, price is a crucial element. We have found the use of glass to be affordable in surgery fitouts whilst significantly improving the design and ergonomic outcomes we can achieve. We always negotiate firmly with our suppliers and contractors to ensure the best products for the best price for our clients.

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