By: Alagie Jinkang

The occupied houses of the city of Torino commonly know as the EX-MOI or the “villaggio olimpico” is currently under a tied security control.

The villagers majority of whom are African migrants are alleged to be living illegally in the village since 2008. The villagers comprises of people from almost all African countries. Many are refugees and others are asylum seekers. These people are alleged to be involved in many illegal activities from selling drugs, prostitution, nuisance and sexual abuses. Whether this true or false remains to be verified but the since then security has being tense until now. What is very new now is that solider has being reinforced to keep more security at the forefront of the doors of the inhabitants of the village. Alarms from the vehicles of the security via their continuous movements has left the surrounding environment very worried. Little about why the security is so tense this way is a matter of guessing.

The occupants of the Ex-Moi has on many occasions been requested to leave the houses by the local government of Torino. None of those calls from the local authority has been answered yet by the occupants.

Few right groups has being questioning this move by the local authority. What is yet standing the test of time is that these inhabitants are about to be ousted finally in September 2015. Calls from Salvini the opposition leader of the Lega Nord ejecting these people out continuous.

In the last sitting of the local authorities all refugees or migrants living illegally in the Ex-Moi will be ousted out in September this year. According to the local authority, the houses shall be transformed into offices.

Few reports on the rights of these people has being call into question. Many who against the ousting of these migrants continue to organize interesting progress programs with the people calling for their rights to habitation.

However, allegations connected to illegal activities by the inhabitants still exist and this is calling more securities forces in the area.

Now since many of these people are said to be undocumented and unemployed seek refuge at the Ex-Moi where they pay nothing. Whether these people will leave finally in the next two months to come is a matter of wait and see but the security is still alarming against them.

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