On education

I believe that in this day and age, almost everyone has a chance to access to great education. I was a bit put back when some commented that parents would only go to certain types of schools and this is mainly due to the teachers. Well, what I learnt when I was in the USA, because of the internet, everyone has access to literally everything and more importantly to the best teachers the world can offer especially through MOOCs.

The idea of having a school, I believe, should focus on the following:

1. Teachers are only there to ‘teach’ the students how to self-learn. The function of the teacher is merely as a moderator and provides encouragement to the students. There are a lot of high quality materials taught by the best professors in the world on just about anything. Hence, we should take this opportunity to use this resources and get the students to be independent enough to teach their own selves.

2. The focus on ‘STEAM’ ie. Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Maths. And perhaps also English for Malaysia in particular. I can emphasize this enough as the importance is ever increasing especially to prepare kids for the working world.

3. Create competitions to foster teamwork, creativity and perseverance.

4. Incorporating discipline, ‘military style’ is also important to develop resilience, fast decision making and sense of patriotism.

5. Visits from leaders all around the country to inspire students to continue pursuing their passions and being the best at whatever they do.

After all, the whole purpose of education is to make us a better human being, helping each other, to be able to provide necessities to our own family and to the privileged, the opportunity to help others as well. It will be a vicious cycle and the more the majority of the people embark on this development, the better the economy and the better the chances of their kids, and their kids’ kids to have a better education, better living and more importantly a better sense of life.