Oh, wow. Your wittle feefees are hurt because someone called you a wingnut?
Victoria Lamb Hatch

I am not the one crying about losing, I didn’t shed one tear when Obama won twice. I didn’t riot and destroy stuff either. Your party needs the counselors and special coloring time at the college campuses.

Hillary put her foot in her mouth very much like Romney did and it hurt her. The use of a private email server hurt her, the hacked DNC emails hurt her.. the real question becomes why did Democrats rig the primary for such a flawed candidate? That is for you all to figure out.

The media was exposed for the biased cheaters they are and they have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of the American people.

I will thoroughly enjoy watching Trump drain the swamp. I will thoroughly enjoy watching liberals like you have to grin and bear it while the Supreme Court goes to the right and Trump and crew systematically overhaul all the unconstitutional Obama executive orders and go it alone Democrat bills that had zero attempt to go across the aisle. Take your psychiatric medicine because it will be a fun 8 years.

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