Ah, but Trump HAS actually “done” something.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

oh please… everything you just posted is a stretch at best. The national media has become like a supermarket tabloid with rabid liberals ready to eat up every word with fact checking anything or weighing how silly they sound. What racists do you speak of, Pence? or are you freaking out about Bannon because the media made up a narrative about him and told all the liberals to run with it. Hearsay of an angry ex-wife doesn’t make someone anti-semitic and isn’t it ironic that he is ultra popular in Israel. How could this evil “Hitler” character be so popular in Israel? Two of Trump’s kids married Jewish people, one of which is going to be highly involved in the administration working for free just like Trump. Find a different tact, the old race baiting argument is old and not working anymore.

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