A series of primers on why Facebook doesn’t want to become your bank, what Apple Cash is all about, and how tech giants are changing the UX of money. This is Chapter 1.

Why Facebook doesn’t want to be your bank

Chapter 1: Facebook

Facebook doesn’t want to be your bank, anymore than it wants to be a media company. Yet they’re doing it again: here’s a primer on how Facebook Coin could change the face of digital banking and finance as we know it, and not in the way most people think.

As someone who has worked in blockchain industry with different cryptocurrency startups, I spent some time thinking about Facebook Coin and what it could do to be truly disruptive, just like Bitcoin has been.

Here are 9 ideas on what Facebook Coin could do to deliver on the promise of native…

Singularity University Canada Summit in Toronto kicks off with a massive event at Evergreen Brickworks, and I get to learn more about bitcoin and blockchain.

A conversation with Andreas M. Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money, one of the world’s leading experts on bitcoin and blockchain.

I met Andreas M. Antonopoulos at the inaugural edition of Singularity University Canada Summit in Toronto earlier this fall, where he was breaking down bitcoin/blockchain for a large crowd of business leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers at Evergreen Brickworks, a former quarry and industrial site reserved for the event. The flurry of emerging conversations around bitcoin and blockchain, the billion-dollar valuations, and the specialized jargon can make blockchain an intimidating topic to wade through. Is the hype justified? Consider:

Bitcoin (BTC) went over $6,200 this week, as the total crypto market cap approached $180 billion.

Since then, it’s risen past $7,300

Azure’s Best of Milan Design 2016: An installation featuring 100,000 suspended watch parts, a blizzard-like display.

Do you have a dream? Hold that thought.

I grew up playing piano. I was 6 or 7, perhaps, when I started. My room was big: I had a large desk, books on shelves my dad made, a flower-shaped lamp of glass creating an interplay of dark and light, shadows that seemed to change shape constantly.

And then there was the piano.

It was big. Shiny. Black. Our cat slept on the top as I practiced, with growing confidence, learning to improvise and, eventually, to play anything I liked by ear.

The piano had a lovely bright and happy sound…

Yes, You May Speak To Pizza About This

Feeling lonely? Want to talk to your pizza, your car, or your book? The rise of conversational interface brings us a whole new content form, part text, part survey, part chat.

The most interesting and fresh application of this that I came across was released today by Typeform. It’s bots meeting beautiful design, great example of what can be done with bots within familiar contexts.

So now thanks to Typeform and the rest of the bot overlords, your next survey might be a story. Your next story might be a conversation. …

Get Shift Done: Management

Imagine standing in a wind tunnel: you’re doing your best just to keep upright, the noise is overwhelming, and you can’t really see, hear or make sense of whatever someone is shouting at you. That’s how busy people operate, day in and day out. Days jammed with meetings, email, there’s always something they need to urgently respond to, get on that conference call, finish yet another presentation. Have you ever tried scheduling fun with busy people?

I was this person. I lived on busy: I had three careers going in parallel, a family, and a deluge of emails spilling out…

On finding your warp speed.

Think Wikipedia, Wordpress, Linux, Basecamp, Creative Commons, Buffer. These are just a few examples of organizations and advances possible, because a distributed group of curious people decided to make something cool happen.

My Communicable Inc., marketing and problem-solving agency has no bosses, no office, no employees, and a flexible work week. On most days, all I need to work is fast wifi and a good latte. Here are some of my thoughts on why I feel the time of offices is coming to an end.

  1. No bosses, no employees. I’ve worked in highly hierarchical structures for most of my career…

If that question ever occurred to you, you’re more than half way there already, but let’s start at the beginning.

It’s my job to think about change, because I come from the future! Ok, it’s because I run a business, a marketing agency with a distributed workforce structure, building/augmenting marketing capacity at startups and tech companies. A truly impossible feat only a few years ago.


Here’s a thing about change. It can’t be ignored away. Change, like spring, always comes, whether you want it or not, independently of you or anyone.

And so it makes sense to ask, what…

Not so different afterall, are you? Yes I’m talking to you, every startup ever. The rest of this awesomeness is here

This excellent piece about the role of design got me thinking, does marketing deserve a seat at the table? In other words, what kind of value can marketing create for companies?

In a startup context — and I work with startups a lot through Communicable Inc — marketing tends to be about leads and growth. However, smart startups and companies realize there’s a lot more to marketing than #leadsleadsleads, so let’s dive deeper to talk about marketing and how it creates value.

“Businesses only exist if they create enough value for their customers.” — Jon Schlossberg, product designer

Just like…

Think we’ll end up with flying cars one day? Why not flying subways? Because IFTTT.

How to build a great product and live a good life

Every day, we encounter extreme complexity, what I like to call a tyranny of abundance. However, the same principles govern our outcomes — those who maintain and design databases know this well — and much of today’s technology makes the invisible principles visible.

My favourite principle is the prevalent, omnipresent and deterministic IFTTT: If This Then That. Input determines output, in other words, garbage in means garbage out. The beauty of 2+2 =4, an entirely black and white universe, where every complexity has been reduced to a binary, lies at the heart of technology as we know it today.


Find the panda! #Starwars Please someone call me up when the inevitable Star Wars Colouring Books show up in stores.

P.S: My colouring book is better than yours. It’s about Star Wars, and Disney hasn’t made it yet (sup Disney).

Whoever would predict the popularity and the spotlight all those colouring books are enjoying. What is this? Why do we suddenly love them?

  1. The colouring book invites us to start something and finish it. Gives a sense of progress, play. An illusion of control, perhaps. Colouring book is the pendulum swinging back, a signifier. Just when we have photography in the highest resolution we fall for the abstract. So that we can make decisions, our own worlds.
  2. The colouring book…


Elena Yunusov | Founder and head marketer at Communicable Inc. | Journalist

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