Message from our Founder — Jan’24

Project Mumbai
2 min readJan 4, 2024


As Project Mumbai steps into year six — we turned five in September 2023 — here’s a glimpse of what more and much more that we look forward to in the few months ahead.

(Five years-18 awards-impacting 1.5 crore lives and the love and support of thousands of selfless volunteers like you has inspired us to look for more).

Top on our agenda is SAMAVESH — to make Mumbai an Inclusive city — a megapolis more friendly for the differently abled (both physically as well as neuro diverse) and the elderly. As Knowledge partners to the BMC, we are hoping to create accessible infrastructure and better opportunities for persons with disabilities.

NAKSHA — our citizen-led initiative to map the cultural history of Mumbai’s roads is picking steam and as the days go by, it would be exciting to see the history of Mumbai emerge through its gullies and lanes.

Project Mumbai’s both award-winning sustainability initiatives — The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon and Jallosh-protecting Mumbai’s water bodies aims at inspiring and instigating the masses to re-look at where we are going wrong in our climate change approach and ensure we take the right steps towards a zero waste community.

This year, AGNI RAKSHAK, our effort to create citizen led fire safety champions across Mumbai’s suburbs, will reach out to your housing societies while HAR GHAR HAI DONOR — our initiative to save previous lives through Organ donation awareness activities will go pan-Mumbai.

I am also delighted to share with you that SATRANGI — our exciting public and street art vertical, is back with a bang. We have beautified railway stations, schools and street walls with citizen partnership. There is much in store.

Yes, Project Mumbai also focuses on your Body, Soul and Mind. That’s where our mental health teams get into further action this year. Adolescents remain our focus(THE SMILING SCHOOLS PROJECT) but equally important would be our mental health work with inmates of prisons (NAYI DISHA) and sessions with the Mumbai police (MANASWIN), supported by our toll-free helpline SAMVAAD.

What I am particularly excited about is practically in each of these (and trust be there are twenty other initiatives which I have not listed here), there is an opportunity for us citizens to chip in.

KUCHH PAL APNEY SHAHER KE LIYE — IS THAT ASKING A LOT from any of you? I am sure, not.

So, let’s get together to celebrate Mumbai. Volunteer with us at Project Mumbai and proudly build the country’s largest eco system of volunteers — Let us make Mumbai the Kindness Capital of India. This link will help you navigate and step on the gas. (In case you have an idea which needs scalable implementation, you can reach me here or write to me on

After all, haven’t we all said.


Shishir Joshi,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Project Mumbai