Stories in Motion: Subconscious Secrets

A surreal depiction of the journey behind finding your true identity.

8000 x 8000 px

Made using 53 frames


Who am I? What is the self and where does it come from? Am I only allowed to be one person or can I hold multitudes within me? These questions have haunted me my entire life. As a dissociated person I realized that throughout my life I have defined myself through my accomplishments and never through qualities that were innately mine. In the hustle of living in a capitalist world, I lost touch with my authentic self and now it exists like an unspoken secret in the realms of my subconscious.


Subconscious secrets was made using frame by frame animation. With multiple moving elements, this has been the longest and the most ambitious piece I have made as part of my NFT journey.

The symbolism in this piece comes from the opening of the third eye which signifies the process of finding your true identity and achieving enlightenment, from then on the art takes a journey to its identity and meets with multiple versions of itself, only to then come to a stand still.

The change in the background colour signifies time.



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