Teens Having Startup Ideas on Their Mind

If you join late for a demo of ProblemBolo, you can easily mistake it for a class project presentation by SaathwikYadavalli. The 17-year-old teenager talks fluently on the platform — which connects citizens’ civic complaints to government agencies — built by his start-up. Hyderabad-based Teknophile has already got a commitment from an US-based angel investor, Sri Malladi, and some of his friends.

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“We liked the idea. It is scalable to any town or city in the world. We are going to put in $20,000–1,00,000 in the next few months to help them build a robust platform,” Malladi said.

The firm, which is yet-to-be registered and has 10 students working for it, has also won Sri Lankan government as its first client.

“They have liked the idea and have asked us to build such platforms for the country’s cities. We are going to make a demo in Colombo later this year,” Saathwik told BusinessLine.

How does it work? A citizen takes a photo of a civic or other problems they face and can upload it onto the platform. Using geo-tagging-like tools, the platform then sends it to the relevant department for action. The citizens can track the status of their complaints.

Teen Created Startups

Yadavalli story is among many such inspiring ones happening at the midst of startup revolution in India. Take the case of Yashraj and Yuvraj Bhardwaj, 17, founders of Zenith Vipers. Inspired by great inventions and great scientists, they got their first research paper out.They even plan to do an intensive research on Pure Sciences. Besides, the Bhardwaj brothers are all set to launch a new brand that is Workolab. The official release is expected in the month of August.

Another instance is of IIT student Ronak Gupta, creating a travel startup that clocks Rs 1.5 Million monthly revenues. He conceptualized a technology that would skim through the hundreds of travel options available, apply intelligent algorithms to these and present the best routes to reach any destination. Together with his hostel-mate Abhishek Aggarwal, theyhave created a tangible platform out of the vision.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship

While India has produced some high valuation start-ups such as Flipkart, Ola and others, the country is ranked a low 69 on entrepreneurial spirit by the Global Entrepreneurship and Develeopment Institute. India is just ahead of Morocco, Mexico and Russia.

“The spirit of entrepreneurship needs to be induced in students at a very early age so that as they grow up, they can generate more jobs in the country with original, innovative ideas,” said DevikaMajumder, one of the co-founders of Youngpreneurs, and a think-tank that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation-oriented growth among Indian high schoolers”.

As the country’s teens start coming up with innovative ideas, a consistent support is required to make it marketable and sellable.

“Start-ups currently are using and banking on ideas, some of which have already been implemented and tested. But if we need to succeed in the start-up space, original, out-of-the-box ideas needs to be generated and nourished,” said Majumder to Business Standard.

A great startup idea is no longer the preserve of engineering graduates or mid-level managers tired of their regular jobs. Teenpreneurship has been going on for a good time and parents are equally opening up to the idea.

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