Jincor — Blockchain-powered enterprise communications

Hello friends,

We are proud to introduce you Jincor — a blockchain ecosystem and decentralized jurisdiction, where companies can establish business relations, streamline contractual and legal procedures via smart contracts and conduct cryptocurrency transactions in a safe and easy manner. Global b2b platform Jincor allows entrepreneurs to embrace all the advantages of blockchain technology without the necessity to develop or adjust them on their own.

Each company created in Jincor ecosystem has its own digital profile, which can be verified by its business partners (like banks, brokers, legal service providers etc.), listing of participants and one or few cryptocurrency accounts, so that they can instantly perform regular financial operations automatically.

In the long-term Jincor is meant to become a unique environment for implementation and development of various blockchain enterprise applications.

The volume of commodity-money transactions is much larger in the business sector than in the consumer one. The evolution of Jincor ecosystem will encourage companies to use cryptocurrencies for corporate needs and, therefore, transfer digital assets turnover into mainstream trend.

Functional facilities of the platform encompass several conceptual blocks, including messenger for safe and authorized corporate communications, smart contracts templates for managing e-document flow and cryptocurrency transactions. The process of issuing a smart contract on the base of Jincor platform is as simple as filling the form of registration on a website.

Jincor ecosystem includes an arbitrage option, which allows companies to settle disputes on a decentralized level, as well as a range of other financial instruments (loans, letters of accreditation, escrow), that tremendously simplify the process of b2b interactions.

“Jincor gives the companies an opportunity to exploit all the advantages of blockchain-technologies without the necessity to invent those instruments or adjust them.

These are transactions in cryptocurrency, smart contracts of different nature and safe b2b communications. This is the key reason, why our product will be useful for both companies and individual entrepreneurs”, — says Vagan Abelyan, co-founder of the platform.

The blockchain platform for business communications Jincor is undergoing the stage of beta-testing and ready to announce its first ICO in order to expand its services internationally. We are happy to offer the potential investors customized JCR tokens, which will serve as the units of account and an instrument of transaction tracking within the ecosystem. Pre-ICO of JCR tokens starts on the 21 of August. In the course of the event we are planning to collect around 350 000 $ . At the stage of the following ICOJincor will raise up to 13 $ mln for the further technical development the platform, shaping of legal framework for enterprise cryptoasset and smart contract transactions and maintaining legal support for business arrangements within the platform, as well as for marketing purposes.

“With this financial background we will have an opportunity to involve leading legal advisors for further examination of cryptocurrency circulation and smart-contracts implementation in the frame of different jurisdictions”, — explains Vagan.