Jincor ICO date changed to November 15

Hello friends,

We have very important news!

Our ICO campaign will start on November 15 — two weeks later than it’s been planned before.

Although everything is now ready for the campaign start, we’re willingly taking responsibility for all the risks associated with this decision, as we aim to run one of the most legally transparent ICOs that have ever happened in the industry.

Our legal consultant one of the most trusted law firms in the world. It helps us to make our ICO available to U.S. investors, and the full compliance with KYC / AML (Know Your Client / Anti-Money Laundering) requirements has taken us longer than we could foresee.

And since honesty and transparency have always been integral parts of Jincor brand, we’ve decided to move the date of the ICO campaign start.

However, the additional time we get will not be spent on this “paper-handling” work only — it will let us release a product, which will reveal the platform potential in more entirety, as well as provide more secure and convenient environment for participating in our ICO (for instance, it will give us even more time to test the isolation and protection system for Jincor infrastructure, which we are working on along with ITSumma).

Therefore, we believe that in the long-term perspective it’s the most proper decision, which has been made in the interests of our clients and the community supporting the project. So, we hope for your understanding and look forward to seeing you at Jincor ICO on November 15!

P.S. All the documents, including Whitepaper and Business Summary, as well as our website have been updated in accordance with the new ICO start date. You can read them one more time on jincor.com.

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