My SoGoSurvey Experience

I am a student who decided to venture into the business world by starting a new local business with my business partner. In order to do this we needed to analyze our market area and demographic. What better way to do this than by using a survey?! So the hunt was on — we needed to find a survey site that would allow us to easily create and manage our survey as well as view the findings without hassle. After researching numerous survey sites, I came across SoGoSurvey ( What instantly appealed to me about SoGoSurvey was that the interface was easy to use and things were clearly labeled. From there it was simple to create my survey; I entered in my questions and was able to choose the form of answer (i.e. multiple choice, open-ended, multiple selection etc.). I was able to choose how my questions were arranged as well which I found useful when I had forgotten one. Not only was I able to choose the type of answer for my questions, but I was also able to select the entire theme for my survey (i.e. font, color, size etc.) which I really liked because it made it personalized!

Launching the survey was also an easy enough task. One thing I really liked about this process was that I could do a test run to make sure that everything looked the way I wanted before I made it public. SoGoSurvey made it easy to share our survey via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Worried about writing a professional style email to accompany your survey? No worries, SoGoSurvey provides a write up for you (which we tweaked a little bit to make it our own) to make it even easier to get your survey out there quickly!

SoGoSurvey also keeps track of how many respondents participate in your survey and allows you to run several data forms to view and analyze your results! Without SoGoSurvey we would not have been able to efficiently publicize our survey or be able to easily obtain the data from the results — in turn, without this site we would not have been able to obtain an accurate market analysis for our potential business which we need to complete our business plan!

I highly reccommend SoGoSurvey for all of your academic and business needs in terms of surveys. The interface and ease of use makes it appealing to the user and makes it my first choice in terms of survey sites. Thanks :)


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