ICI Researchers Present on Preschool Motor Skills Program

ICI researchers Paddy Favazza and Melissa Stalega, along with their colleagues Michaelene Ostrosky and Hsiu-Wen Yang from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, attended the annual CEC Convention and Expo in Boston on April 20th. They held a poster presentation of a program they created: CHildren in Action: Motor Program for PreschoolerS (CHAMPPS).

CHAMPPS supports children with diverse abilities by addressing physical activity level, fundamental motor skills, and school readiness skills (language, social, pre-academics, approaches to learning). During the poster presentation, the researchers discussed findings from the program’s first year.

“We recruited a lot of interest in the program, as well as inquiries about when the curriculum will be available to purchase,” said Stalega. “The presentation left us feeling that CHAMPPS not only fulfills a need within early childhood education, but also left us optimistic about the future use of CHAMPPS in inclusive preschool classrooms.”

Congrats to our staffers on this successful presentation!

From left: Paddy Favazza, Melissa Stalega, and Michaelene Ostrosky at the 2017 CEC Convention in Boston.

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