Community Node TRON SR Offers an Innovative Voter Rewards System

Community Node
Feb 26 · 4 min read

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How is Community Node’s Token, TRUC, Different From Several Other TRON SR Tokens?

Several SR candidates follow the basic model of earning an SR allowance for every vote received, then pass those earnings on to voters in the form of SR tokens. Without a compelling reason to hold these tokens, their voters usually cash them out, causing those tokens to slowly depreciate in value.

Community Node SR has developed a different model: Instead of distributing our allowance earnings to voters, we use it to back the value of our token, TRUC. Holders of our token still get their rewards for voting, but it goes into the value of their tokens. The numbers show that this model works and in fact results in higher returns to voters than the more conventional basic model.

In other words, instead of giving away our daily earnings, we put those earnings back into the value of TRUC. This gives people a reason to hold our token as a long term investment, and let that investment grow by voting for Community Node SR. As more people come to own a piece of this candidate’s future earnings, Community Node creates a stable market for TRUC by safeguarding a portion of the incoming capital off of the exchange.

I’m Interested in Supporting Community Node. What Should I Do Next?

  • Step 1: BUY: Buy the TRUC Token with a small portion (2–5%) of what you wish to allocate to this project.
  • Step 2: VOTE: Vote for Community Node with the remaining 95–98% of your what you have earmarked. Every 6 hours, Community Node earns an allowance based on their share of total votes cast. More votes = more allowance.
  • Step 3: YOUR TRUC GAINS: Instead of giving its allowance directly to voters, Community Node SR puts that TRX into the value of your tokens. It is the only token that can increase in value during times when there are no TRUC buyers.

Why Should I Vote For Community Node SR?

  1. Community Node has developed (beta) which will make available “big data” SQL searches and analytics as well as time saving API features no longer available from standard TRON nodes. As an elected TRON Super Representative, CN’s block production income will take from proof-of-concept into production. This service can be accessed using our HELP token.
  2. TRON Airdrop Assistance Community Node has developed an open source library to airdrop TRC10 tokens. Soon, we will release a node.js web app to provide a GUI platform. Tron Developers are free to use this open source tool — and for those without the skillset to DIY, we offer airdrop services in exchange for our HELP token.
  3. HELP Token Community Node services will only accept our HELP tokens as currency. We airdrop HELP tokens to our voters, where they flow through the development community and back to us.

HELP Tokens Can:

  • BE TRADED Holders can easily trade tokens via wallet to wallet or Telegram trading groups.
  • BE BARTERED Token holders can barter them at our Telegram channel for freelancing and seeking assistance (@TronHelp). Developers who have a need for our HELP tokens can barter their services by HELPing the Tron community. For example, Junior developers can vote for CN and senior developers can mentor them in exchange for HELP. Often, bartered goods are cheaper because they don’t have to be converted into dollars.
  • SUPPORT PROJECTS Projects that need HELP tokens can show off their work to Community Node voters in hopes that our members will support their favorite projects and send them HELP tokens.

Since our Super Representative block production rewards are separate from the candidate allowance that drives the TRUC token, Community Node can use our SR income to finish developing this proof-of-concept plan.

Find out more about Community Node here: