Helping prepare children for their future careers with after school

Here are a few tips for preparing children for their future careers with after school from the American Institute for Research. Enjoy!

Listen to the children — Talk to youth about their interests and career goals. Expose them to different kinds of careers and workplace environments (e.g., corporate, technology, community, sales, service, manufacturing). Talk to them about the diverse skills they will need to gain and sustain employment. Be explicit about how your program can help them develop these skills.

Listen to employers — Talk to employers and recruiters in your community. Find out what kinds of skills they expect employees to have. Share your program strategies and results with them. Set up internships and job-shadowing programs. More than ever, companies want to prepare the next generation of the workforce, so include them in your programming!

Be explicit — Define the skills your program aims to develop, and specifically name and intentionally target social and emotional competencies and employability skills that are important for the workplace.

Be comprehensive — Consider all of the different ways your program can support employability skills, through both explicit programming designed to prepare youth for the workforce (e.g., internships, résumé workshops) and social and emotional learning (e.g., practices that support leadership development, critical thinking, self- and social awareness, communication skills).

Be open and creative — Tomorrow’s workplace is going to be different in both roles and culture than our own, so be sure to stay up-to-date with workforce trends, and innovate with youth and families in your program on ways that your program can create tomorrow’s job leaders.

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