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We are Community Villa and we help video game developers to spread the word about the games they are working on by building engaged communities around them. Today we want to introduce you to a game called I Fell from Grace — a poetic journey with a branching narrative style, where all your interactions with others are all presented in rhyme.

Patrik has always known that there was something more in the air. Something not quite physical, that he couldn’t grasp, but it was there. He was just a regular guy and did regular things. But he wanted more. Everyone knew he could be more and that is why they never told him that — nobody wants you to be better than them, although they will never own up to it… But this story isn’t about others. It is about Patrik — a regular, hard-working dude who turned out to be not so regular after all.

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Only through poetry did Patrik recognize what was that thing he has always felt — passion. He started writing poems, but sooner or later all of them landed in a deep drawer of his old, wooden desk in the center of a small room he called his studio. The studio was his haven, his fortress of solitude he appreciated so much. When he was there, he could work on the things he loved, like poetry. The problem lied in explaining it to his friends and family — he spent so much time there, but always came out empty handed.

That is what it looked like from the outside, but as a matter of fact, his cause was only getting stronger. The poems were just a beginning, and they were like seeds that landed inside his mind and started to grow. What grew inside was a story, a story so engaging that it needed a medium capable of mastering it. Paper was good, yes. But not good enough. It was merely a place of transition, where the story was waiting to finally become something more.

Patrik decided to make a video game… He knew how crazy it sounded when he thought about it and even more insane when he spoke it out loud while sitting at his desk in the emptiness of his studio. The words echoed bouncing off the empty walls: A VIDEO GAME. He knew he could do it. He had to. There he was, sitting in darkness, with only a dim light coming from a street lamp outside of his apartment. And suddenly, the room wasn’t empty anymore. Right next to Patrik stood Henry, the protagonist of the story. There was also Henry’s wife and all the other people who were about to start their pixel life. And with every character there came an idea, and a poem. The adventure was about to begin…

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Game: I Fell from Grace
Developer: Deep Taiga

Grzegorz Wojewoda,
Executive Assistant at Community Villa

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