All Time Reward Distribution System for CommunoCAPITAL Members:

The idea💡 behind this reward distribution for our CommunoCAPITAL is very simple. Nowadays on Crypto currency Many blockchain network coming day by days and for knowing that network also for transaction on that Network we need fees which maybe small in $ but many time we can’t get that for various reasons… So here we The CommunoCAPITAL thought we should help all our community members on this part means we will provide Almost all famous network transactions fees to our community. But this will be in Rules.

✅We will provide Fees for both Normal members and our special community members called Communo ( Communo Members is special members which will be handpicked by CommunoCAPITAL based on their activities on Discussion group)

💰 REWARD 💰 We will provide transaction costs of almost all the network accordingly.

Reward for Communo Members:

  • Communo Members will get Sol, Okex, Near, Avax Transaction fees of 0.001 each .( 1 Times per Month)
  • Communo Members Will get Matic, Heco, Ftm, Celo, Hoo, Tomo Transaction fees of 0.001 each ( Unlimited time per month)

Reward For All Normal Members:

Normal CommunoCAPITAL members will get Matic, Heco , Ftm, Celo, Hoo, Tomo Transaction fees of 0.001 each ( 1 Times per Month)

Condition for Getting Fees Giveaway by CommunoCAPITAL:

It's very simple Member should be in:

  1. CommunoCapital TG channel and TG discussion channel
  2. Should follow CommunoCAPITAL Twitter account.
  3. Then Send your all proofs to @bewithbeast1 in Tg and ask for Fees which you want.

Note/Disclaimer: We are providing this reward for only needy people so please don’t try to misbehave with this system means please ask for fees if you really wanna need it . If anyone cought asking with multiple accounts or something else then CommunoCAPITAL will have rights to Ban them.

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