Types of co-travellers we meet while commuting to work

In between the loads of work at office and home, the only time that most corporate employees get for themselves is the ‘commute time’ to office/back home. It is the only time (in most cases) that they get to sit back, relax and give life a second thought. All thanks to the lo00ong traffic jams, the commute time, during peak hours, is quite long and also interesting — of course, only if the right way to commute is chosen. Transportation modes like Commut offer a chance not just to have a comfortable journey to your office & home, but also to meet new people and make new friends. As per our own experience commuting to work on a daily basis, here are a few types of co-travellers that we all come across while commuting to work:

  1. The Music Maniacs: 
    Headset in the ears & closed eyes — doesn’t that sound like a great getaway from the world around. It is no exaggeration to call this the GenX form of meditation. They are the probably the best co-travellers to people who love to travel in silence — provided the music isn’t too loud for the neighbours to call it noise around.
  2. The Happiness Agents:
    They never talk; they just offer a little smile — which indeed is more embracing than a small useless talk. Of course, what can be a better way to start off to the workplace — than a smile and loads of positivity. They do deserve a thanks for commuting the state of mind into the happier zone!
  3. The complaint-wallahs:
    These are the co-travellers that we all love to hate! Be it a delay of 3mins or a neighbour’s bag intriguing into their space, these co-travellers are a sure-shot lump in the throat. While some sound funny, some irritate us completely. All we do is, avoid them!
  4. The Talking toms:
    Some people just love talking, especially when there is a friendly companion. They are ones whose voices are heard the loudest in the vehicle; Of-course everyone on the bus knows them! Usually the older men & women fall into either this category — or the exact opposite one!
  5. The Busy-bees: 
    These co-travellers are always busy, either working on something or on their telephonic ‘meetings’. Some of them are probably working on their own startup ideas in the little bit of extra time available, but the others are definitely obsessed with their work.

In way or the other, each of these make our commute to office more merry-filled. Did we miss some type? Do let us know your experiences and the type of people you face, in the comments section below!

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