Using to find a affordable area in London helps you find an area to rent considering both the rent and commute costs. It allows you to set your maximum commute time and your maximum budget for commute and rent. Find your next home is easy as that:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the station you commute to every day, e.g. the closest station to your work
  3. Set the maximum commute time (in minutes) you are willing to accept
  4. Set the maximum you want to spend in both commute and rent together
  5. Click search and see the list of stations you can live close that satisfies both your budget and commute time.

As an example, let’s take someone that works close to London Bank Station, are can accept 50 minutes commute, and the is looking to spend no more than £1500 a month on the rent and commute.

Search result: Commuting to London Bank Station

On the map (only available on the desktop or tablet version) you can see the stations that attend your search criteria. Also, the stations are listed on the left-hand side sorted by the total cost.

Click on a station on the map or on the list to get more data. You can see the monthly commute cost, as well as the median 2-bedrooms rent cost.

You will also find a quick link to search for properties in the area you selected with the maximum rent price (the total budget minus the commute cost).

More: See more information for a commute option

If you are looking for a new home, start with to narrow your search to affordable areas, with short commutes.