We Have Kicked Off First Crowdsale today with 1CMO = $0.21

Above is the history records for the PRESALE.

Thank you all for Pushing Comno network to Archive this success so far.

We will now proceed to update the bounty page for bounty hunters to continue with marketing.

Comno Pump & Dump Immunity

Through vast research and processes, Comno Network found a solution to the crypto volatility, by introducing it own pump and dump immunity system added to it token eco-system, called the Comno coin dump holder this comes with lead edge for it investors and users.


Comno network project is a team of experts that have vast experience within the emerging technological space, by leveraging on the blockchain and physical Business assets.

Comno Network is a decentralized self-institutional token recolonizing the crypto market space through Blockchain, Fintech, and investments. It is giving a new wave on…


Comno Initial Token Offering The First Self Decentralized Institutional Token.

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