colin doherty.
Apr 18, 2017 · 1 min read

Great article, but I take issue with your proposed changes for menu control — You’re not solving the issue, just making it exist in a different place.

I’ve often misused right analog stick attempting to go between “Subcategories,” whereas I should’ve hit shoulder buttons, but your solution of swapping analogues doesn’t cut it for me. Left analogue is used for moving in world, in map, everywhere. It makes sense for this to translate to menu screen too. I don’t fully understand your intent behind this change. I am a biased left-handed person in a right-hand world though.

In reality, they needed to use the d-pad here. Especially when you factor in, swapping between items doesn’t factor in how many pages those items you have. (Eg you have 4 pages of recipes, and want to get to clothing, it’s gonna take more clicks than it should)

Or alternatively a favourites list so I can keep my most used items nearby. I find I’m constantly swapping clothes, which takes it sweet time, when I’m in late game with pages of inventory.

Much like the Switch UI itself, BOTW is designed for not having a lot of stuff. I mean I love the Switch UI, but imagine how difficult it will be to use when you have 20+ games to swap between. It’s great Nintendo have put a focus on first time use, but they need to start thinking of expert and power users.

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