Illuminate Interior with High Quality Office LED Fixtures that Consume Low Energy

LED Lighting Technology

LED is Light Emitting Diode which is a two lead semiconductor lighting device. It is similar to P-N Junction diode. After applying certain amount of Voltage the electron integrate with the holes in the device that in turn discharge energy as photons. This process of releasing photons from the metal surface is known as electro-luminescence. The energy band gap specifies the color of the light produced. We are renowned manufacturer of LED lighting products.

Our vast range of products comprise of Solar LED street light, Outdoor lights, Shop lighting, office Led fixtures, Home Lighting. We are approved and accredited by ISO 9001:2008. We aspire to provide you high quality lighting products at affordable prices with low energy consumption.

Our Office LED Fixture product category has many options for the consumer

Our Office LED fixture product provides excellent protection from eye strain. They are low glare rating, low light pollution. They are best used in office, malls and hospitals.

15 Watt Element LED Deep Diffuser

It is a high brightness LED with 3 watt each with high Lumen maintenance. It is an electronic LED driver with input voltage 240V and output voltage 12N- 22V. This product is available in white color with cost price RS 2400. The white color of the LED gives a cooling effect to hanged place. The process of installation is very simple. It should be mounted at a height with the help of spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is recessed down light with high-brightness and energy efficiency. This product come in to this category of office LED Fixture you can buy online from our store.

22 Watt LED Down Light Panel Square

It is a high brightness SMD with high Lumen maintenance. It is an office LED fixture and can be purchased online from out outlets and can be used at any place home and office. It is available in white color with cost price Rs 3500. Main features of this product are slim, compact, smart design, low power consumption, stylish structure design to disperse heat, soft continuous light, consume less power. It has electronic LED driver that has input voltage 240 V and output 28 to 44V. The installation takes very less time. It can be recessed mounting with the help of two spring loaded clamps with false ceiling.

11W LED Down Light Round Panel

It is a high brightness SMD LED with high Lumen maintenance. It is available in cool white color with cost price Rs 1900. The dimension height is 22, CO is 134, and OD is 140. The electronic LED driver has input 240V and output18–24 W. Best qualities of this product are slim, compact fashionable design, consume lower energy, elegant structure design to dissipate energy, Soft and uniform light. It is mounted with two spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is safe and easy to install with long lasting nature. It is an office LED fixture.

You can buy online LED light Fixture from our website and contact on phone no. 09312022588

Originally published at on January 28, 2015.

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