Periferia Company is conceived as a space for the production of critical thinking which, through the language of dance, analyzes the context of the Caribbean coast as a territory marked by its colonial legacy.

The social fabric of Cartagena, born out of a system of relationships rooted in slavery, is today the stage of power struggles that are centered on racial issues. The Afro population of the city, which throughout its history has been held at the margins of society, still urgently claims recognition as a first step against repetitive actions by the city’s elites aimed at suppressing its self-determination.

Photographic archive of Cartagena de Indias Historical Photo library
It is on this social stage that Periferia Company has been proposing new forms of social commentary to foster reflection about what is still happening, and as such, form new critical citizens using cultural creation as a tool to think about coexistence and PEACE.

The result of our research and creative process — in which the academic approach informs the experimentation in movement — is a body of work that gives voice to a politic art which is deeply committed to the transformation of its social environment.

Periferia was reinvited to this year’s Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena — FICCI ’56 — after last year’s performance of the piece “Disección del Mito” in the Plaza de la Proclamación generated a huge impact in the city; on March 4th, the Company will present a new performance piece called “PazCiencia”, a work inspired by the book “Los Desterrados del Paraíso” (Paradise Exiles) curated by Alberto Abello Vives and Francisco Javier Flórez Bolívar.

Considering the importance of this symbolic act and its impact in our city during the International Decade for People of African Descent, we have launched this SUPPORT CAMPAIGN to all people and institutions interested in contributing to the creation of critical works and new ideas on stage that help rethink our idea of Cartagena.

Since its founding, the Company has developed its work independently under a self-management model, engaging complex problems that affect countries throughout Latin-America, such as: borders and migration, transatlantic human trafficking and the infantilization of Afrocolombian and indigenous population. These themes have been explored in the Company’s previous works such as “Fuga” and “Disección del Mito”. These reflections are now being remodeled into new visions in the latest Periferia investigation: “PazCiencia”, a prelude to the Company’s next production, which will be released by mid-2016.

Frames from de audiovisual escenographic of “PazCiencia” performance

“PazCiencia” is a performance piece that explores the role men and women play in building a new society in Peace, once the conflict subsides. The Company does this by incorporating on stage elements of dance, theater, literature, cinema and new technologies. Due to the technical complexities of the piece, and being aware of the importance of having all the essential requirements in place to produce a work of quality, additional resources are needed. This is the main reason why we want to ask for your support and make you part of the new challenge of Contemporary Critical Dance in Colombia.

All donors will receive a donation certificate — issued by LiberaMeLiberaTutti, the organization that oversees all the Company’s projects.

People interested in contributing can donate until next 28ht of February, money transfer to bank:
In Colombia:
 — To the Bancolombia saving account # 786–776079–71
 — Name after the nonprofit corporation LiberaMeLiberaTutti
 — Corporation ID: 900431200–0
 — City: Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
Other money transfer options (WensternUnion o MoneyGram) to:
To complete the donation process, please send an email to with all information about the donor and the transaction validation.
We have the opportunity to transform “PazCiencia” into a symbolic act of a city whose citizens can no longer remain silent about their condition. Above and beyond the artistic performance, this project allows us to reflect together and talk out loud about inequity and discrimination. At its core, this piece considers the fight against racism as a fundamental stepping stone in the path towards PEACE in the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Below, you may view the trailer of our previous work, “Disección del Mito”, presented in last year’s FICCI ’55, as part of the section called “El séptimo y otros tres”, in March of 2015 in the Plaza de la Proclamación:

We believe it is important to mention that due to its success in last year’s festival, the piece “Disección del Mito” was presented on national and international stages, followed by talks related to the themes of the piece, such as Afrocolombian recognition and postcolonial studies, at festivals such as: el Festival Simón I. Patiño de Cochabamba (Bolivia) and the Festival Danzénica de La Paz (Bolivia). Today, this work is part of the Company’s official repertory, and like other works, it will be performed during official tours, presenting to the country and to the world, an example of Contemporary Colombian Dance that is committed to its local context and realities.
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