Compare 3 Entertainers for $125 to Vancouver Magician Yeeri from Richmond BC

Review these real people testimonials, then compare these 3 entertainers’ $45-$90 magic show, balloon twisters, face painters, vs Yeeri the Magician, The Magic of Yeeri Magician Vancouver, CONTACT — Yeeri the Magician — Vancouver’s #1 Kids Entertainer, Yeeri the Magician — A Magical Birthday Party With Yeeri, or Alexander Seaman aka Alex Zander a magician in Gigsalad and Gigmaster, Ray Wong — aka Experienced Magician, Doktor Strange. See Vancouver Magicians Compared spreadsheet on the Internet. Always watch real people reviews for Vancouver clowns, magicians, kids entertainers, before hiring anyone. Gizmo the Clown, Gary Savard, Aaron Martini the Surrey BC magician, or Alexander who performs at Boston Pizza in Burnaby.

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