CRTC bans cellphone unlocking fees, orders all new devices be unlocked

Breaking up with Your Cell Phone Provider is Easier than Ever

Canadian consumers are using more mobile phones and cellular data than ever before. Most service providers are offering bigger and better talk, text and data plans and the

availability of more resources is encouraging customers to break up with their existing plan and find a more generous service provider.

Often when people are coming to the end of their mobile phone contract, they are happy to stay on the same cell phone plan. But sometimes they start looking at several other options that are available. In fact, there are people who decide to end their mobile contract or leave their existing provider halfway because they are not happy with the contract.

Now You Can Switch to a New Service Provider without Having to Worry About Unlocking Fees

Yes, you read that right! Recent Canadian regulations state that wireless service providers are no longer allowed to sell locked phones or charge customers if they want to unlock their phone for use on competitor’s networks. This change of rules will result in loss of millions in annual revenue for mobile service providers.

The recent decision by the Canadian Radio, TV and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) was backed by both customers as well as the federal government. All service providers are required to sell unlocked devices to consumers as of December 1, 2017.

Minister Bains says that this change will make it easy for customers to switch service providers according to their liking. What’s important to understand here is that this move will encourage competition among the service providers which eventually will lead to extremely lower prices!

Why Do Cell Phone Providers Lock Mobile Phones?

Cell Phone Service providers typically lock their mobile phones in order to prevent customers from ending the contract before they can pay off the entire cost of their phone. Of course, the cost of smartphones is heavily subsidized in a long-term contract, but it is of not much value to customers who travel or those who want to end their contract before the specified time period.

You will be surprised to know that popular Canadian Cell Providers charge up to $50 as unlocking fee. The biggest three service providers — Telus, Rogers, and Bell haven’t yet disclosed whether or not they have plans to challenge the updated laws in court.

Statistics reveal that Canadian service providers generated more than $37 million in unlocking fee revenue in 2016 which is significantly higher than the charges pulled in 2015. Telus increased the unlocking fee from $35 to $50 in 2016.

The updated laws give customers a chance to walk out of their existing wireless contract for free if they return their devices in new condition and used less than half of their monthly limits. The newly updated code also clarified rules for shared plans. This law also states that service providers cannot make changes in a contract while it is effective without the consent of the customer.

Are You Worried About Your Increasing Cell Phone Bills?

Locked phones and device unlocking fee has become quite a nuisance for Canadian customers especially those who are worried about their internet and phone bills. This change of rules according to the Innovation, Science and Economic Development minister can protect Canadian mobile phone users against increasing mobile bills.

If you are thinking about switching to a new mobile provider, don’t wait any further. You can use our comparison tool to check the coverage and the best plans offered by popular providers in your area and make the right choice.

Remember that checking the provider’s coverage in your area as well as plan details is essential before you make the final jump. After all, the last thing you want to do is to end up signing for a mobile plan that has poor signals in the area you live.

Which Cell Plan is the Best for Me?

If you are moving to a new cell phone service provider, you need to have a good look at the plans offered to know exactly what you will be getting. It is always helpful to think about the cellular data, a number of texts and call minutes that you have been using with your existing service provider.

If you are a heavy mobile user i.e. you will use large volumes of data or you would be making lots of calls, it is worth going for a mobile plan that offers unlimited cellular data with generous talk time and texts.

Our online comparison tool would help you find the most reliable, budget-friendly mobile deals. You can click the package details to know more about the offer including prices, and contract information.

You can think about changing your plan if you are thinking about upgrading your phone. That’s right. You can upgrade your phone and change your existing mobile package to take advantage of minutes, cellular data and texts offered by your new favorite service provider.

Remember that choosing a new provider means you will have access to better services. Not to forget the new mobile plan can also help you save money in the long run. Well, the result of new mobile plan hunting is that you are most likely to find a more generous plan that too for a lower price. Some customers decide to change their providers but opt for a very similar plan which isn’t a bad deal either.

Perhaps the best thing about this changed rule is that consumers can take advantage of the exciting discounts and packages offered by new carriers without burning a hole in their pocket. Yes, you will no longer remain locked into contracts and you have the flexibility to switch for any reason you like.

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