Ever felt pressured to hurry down the pavement (or sidewalk depending on you country of origin) to get to your meeting, catch the train, go home etc.

Well here’s my hacks for making life on the pavement more efficient, more happy and more productive.

Are you ready?

Here it comes?


Be a f%$^ing decent human being. Get your head out of your phone. Do you really need to be on every second of the day? If you have to make a sudden movements left or right look around you first. If you are in a group, don’t take the whole bloody pavement. Have some consideration for those around you!

That’s it. There is only one way hack.

How you walk in life reflects how you are in life.

Be considerate. Be conscientious. Be compassionate.

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Paul Smith

Founder & CEO of Future Directors Institute | Chair, Jane Goodall Institute Australia | Co-founder Gin Lane Australia and Start-up Boardroom | Husband, Father

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