What branding meant a couple of centuries ago

We’re used to brands meaning this in our time and culture:

The word “brand” had a very different meaning as recently as a 150 years ago. It either referred to the practice of using a hot iron to sear the name of the owner on to a cow’s hide:

If that isn’t inhuman enough for you, it was also common practice to do the same to criminals, slaves and non-believers.

All things considered, I’m glad that I don’t have the words of my favourite seared into my skin.

I’ll leave you with the words of a Thermal And A Quarter song called Galacktiqua which are quite relevant:

Even my body is advertising space
The scraps of decency that cover my disgrace

So the brands have shifted from my skin to the outer wrapper of my body. I’ll choose to be happy about the small victories!

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