11:51pm — From a Public Shitter
Heath ዟ

Halo MACHOw Guy Heath. Plea’s take note:


This one refers to the myth of men don’t cry, hug, or kiss as archaic, ancient or old CONditioning. REAL people who’s minds are open do know how to LOVE UNconditionally.

Many may not realize it, until it might be too late (ODE TO THE AH HA or WAKE UP moments. Some lay claim to as their own regret).

Persons for people ask yourselves:

Does a man cry when witnessing a horrific event, such as 911 or for that matter; a terrorist attack of any sort in your country or another country?

Does a man cry when his significant other gives birth?

Does a man cry when a loved one is killed, dies or passes away?

Does a man cry at their loved ones funeral?

Does a man cry when he TRULY LOVES some one?

Does a man cry at his wedding?

Does a man for a loved one that he concludes he may not have? (Heath my dear, you’ve got this 1 covered up with crap)

Does a boy cry when he physically hurts himself, or has lost his way from what he knows as a home &/or his family?

Does a boy &/or a man cry when they are feeling left or taken out, rejected, abandoned from the love of their community or society as a whole?

Does a solider cry when he looses a comrade or even a war?

Most IMPOrtant will Donald sTRUMPh cry when he LOOSES???

LMFAO kNOT likely. Donald Duck will keep on being the biligerent fighting machine he “thinks” he is. “All that & a bag of chips” ONE OF MO$T ARROGANT BITCHE$ along with brigade leader PUKEin. OK admits I’M DEAD WRONG. There are way too many in poliTICS. SO HELP!!! HELP, Yelps they’re everywhere, they’re every where…)

Fuck I could go on & on, however I won’t. You’re all welcome~

WOmen, Ladies, Girls, Men, Guys, Boys, Fems, Gays, LGBT, Trans, etc. PLEASE feel free to correct me should I be wrong…