In Another Life…
Jim Reeves

I trust you’ll find endless and copious amounts of appreciation for a life well lived with compassion and in kindness.

Unrequited Love never leaves our souls for those who truly love are with us are still here now, a guide as such.

Observe your grandchildren. A suggestion is to take back all of your childhood pleasures and begin to play as you still have the innocence of life Sweet Life itself.

Please do your best to understand there is a huge difference between free will and making choices. A few examples are you can either feel lonely, simply be alone, volunteer and/or join UP with a community of like minded groups.

Always be your self and do your best to eliminate the self critic. You will learn that the foundation of a lasting relationship with others is to first have a love affair with your self where you strive to become more loving and lovable.

Eventually, you will begin to realize that you are love embodied. You do not need anyone else to validate this truth for you are showing depth within. Claim it, tap into your sacredness and fill that wellspring.

Age is only a figment of our imaginations. Ensure you make use of your imagination to become the creator you are or meant to be in changing directions .

You will find many rewards through seeking passion guaranteed for you have already expressed your innermost feelings and I personally am seeing such grace.

Stand up give yourself a pat on the back and please know you’ve already made a difference and may the best in health follow you Jim!


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