I just came here to call you a douchebag.
Heath Houston


Thank goodness mental & health have 2 different word meanings.


Long ago I was flying with my 3 year old daughter to CA. After the seatbelt light came off, I removed hers. She stood UP & looked around. Loudly looking at the seat behind her, she said “Hi Fat Lady”. As quick as I could, I grabbed her arm, sat her down in eye to eye contact mode whispering “Apologize for what you just said!” Didn’t she stand UP again, and say “Sorry Fat Lady”. Well at least she listened! However I felt the need to explain as a Mom that many people have health related problems relating to thier sizes and we are not being kind nor caring when we call people names like fat, skinny, etc. It was only then she understood why. So she apologized again “Hi lady, I’m really sorry I called you a bad name.” Observing the woman afterwards, she retained a huge smile on her face.

In my life due to varied, dare I say “stress full” episodes, I’ve been UP & DOWN the scales of morality. Been fat, normal (WTF is that?), skinny (at one point my co-workers called me “Skeletor” at a top end stupid corporate job), so to the best of my knowledge weight and money never continue to remain the same~

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