This is statement contains one of the biggest lies ever told.
H. Nemesis Nyx

NO DOUBT This GLORIOUS Mess has fast tracked Love from the rest and is doing a Spring cleaning early!!!

There are no scape goat’s when it comes to Respect.

Some refuse to buy into the onslaught of racial slurs and all the trash for it happens to be of total DIS-Grace.

I’m shoWING UP with you to observe the front of the class. That way we can witness those who try to pull off Rank.

That old record keep on spinning from the 5 minute Peanut Gallery:

Some need not imagine who hasn’t picked up or sensed those who are NARC’s with their flawed character traits, the simple eGO Maniac’s. Yeah the one who forgo who they “think” they actually are and own the sickest belief system that they are a supreme entity and own the almighty god complex.

Some of us know they are not at all powerful.

That is why I carry a little safety pin, to prick the bubble they’ve chosen to live the Master and “so called” expert who isn’t ever capable of learning that no one will ever be perfect.

“Perfect is the enemy of good, for when anyone claims to be perfect, they’re not going to do much good”.

I keep on being astonished with Cyborg (aka Nemeis) who constantly keeps doing their best to make a significant difference. You have always had quite a unique effectiveness and natural talent in writing from cupid’s now n’arrow.

NEWS UPDATE 1 of the 7 dwarf’s from SNOW white named “Happy” has now removed the “p” on behalf of today and it’s now rebranded as Resident’s Day for those of us who choose to be UNITED States Life~