When Peace Summons Loneliness
Tre L. Loadholt

There is a place within the confines of our own beings, as well as all of our domesticated animals where memories will reside of loss.

Finding peace afterwards from the silence of our pain, can seem impossible as we’re akin of real “family” members.

Our pets also experience and go through this more keen picking up on our senses.

I personally have yet to witness a single animal who looses their buddy, friend, partner, counterpart, etc. that has not changed all of our demeanours as “someone’s heartbeat is missing”.

This sets off, not only our routines it also affects our home. Which happens to be held within our hearts.

The adjustment is not easily hurdled nor accomplished without what feels like a endless time.

I feel it, they feel it, WE FEEL IT TOGETHER that thing the “pang” that arouses such a huge change.

In togetherness we happen to have this innate ability to overcome anything with Love, Faith and Trust has already been established in one another~