How To Choose A Quality Builder

Building a home is a major investment and to avoid extra costs and frustrations it is important to select the right builder for the job. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are looking for a builder.

Before you decide on a builder, do proper research. Talk to friends and family about their experiences with home builders — quality builders are often found through referrals. You can also use the internet to look for a builder, but be sure to ask for a list of clients and references that you can contact. Don’t hesitate to check the references — a good builder will have a good reputation and happy clients. Ask to see some of the builder’s work as this will give you an accurate idea of their style of work and if it fits your needs.

It is important to check if the builder you choose is an adequately licensed and qualified. You also have to ensure that he is well covered by appropriate insurance. Never choose a builder who isn’t licensed or insured; this can have very serious consequences. Builder’s insurance is designed to protect you in events such as the disappearance or bankruptcy of the builder. In Australia you can contact the Home Industry Association and Masters Builders Association for more information about a builder.

Your choice of builder will be greatly influenced by the type of project you have in mind. Consider a builder who works on projects which are similar to yours and who preferably has a few years of experience. House and land packages or project homes are often a popular and more affordable choice for those who are building a house. If you are looking for an individualised approach, look for a builder who specialises in custom building projects.

Cost and contract
Once you have found a home builder that you like, make sure you can afford and trust them. Compare builders’ quotes and look for detailed explanations of the costs involved. Be careful of prices that stand out as very low or very high. You should sign an agreement or contract with your builder which includes a detailed outline of all the work to be done and a specific time frame. Look for a contract that benefits both parties. A good contract will include detail such as safety and security measures, working hours and waste disposal. Don’t hesitate to voice any concerns or additions that you may have.

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