Area Requirements for Planning


It’s true: The Vicious Frieze I (1987) was never a planned thing.

Let’s begin here:

“A man once read to Aesop some silly stuff that he had written, containing a lot of boastful talk about himself, and he was anxious to know what the old man thought of it. ‘I hope you don’t think,’ the man said, ‘that I am presumptuous or too cocksure of my ability.’ The man’s wretched trash made Aesop sick. ‘I think you are quite right,’ Aesop said, ‘to praise yourself. You will never find anyone to do it for you.’” — Aesop, Fables

Part and parcel of this Internet-y, 21st centur-y, instant communi-catty, promote-the-hell-out-of-things-and-see-what-sticks world is — everything seems worthy of disgust.

That is why I’m angling for more analog experiences, more personal time, more face-to-face encounters.

We could gather around a dinner table anywhere in the world. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I guess I’m doing this more out of curiosity: what was my “drawing self” like? Is it worth revisiting? How does it interact with my writing abilities? What can I learn from 100 Days of Words and Art?

I’m glad I took up Dad’s old architecture book to spring-start me through the first 31 days. I don’t feel I did much service to readers from a writing perspective, but I sure got a lot of drawing done.

And, God willing (everyone kneel and pray now), I’ll do more and keep learning how to do it better.

Someone say Amen already. But batten down the pew first.

“But how can it be, that the man who gives should be in greater need of pity than the man who receives?” — Voltaire, Zadig
Looking through the rear-view mirror.

To those who’ve stuck with this, thank you. Just knowing there are people out there silently waving you on in a marathon is hugely gratifying.

What comes next?

Sixty-nine more days of who. Knows. What.

100 Days of Words and Art for 2–28–2017

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